A high quality education in a vivid student city

The basic education system of Finland achieves remarkably high marks yearly in international student assessments such as PISA test. This is not a surprise, as a lot of attention is paid to teaching methods and teachers in Finland. The same mentality is visible in the Turku School of Economics where a high quality of education is one of our leading goals.

In addition to the lecturing, we utilize a wide variety of teaching methods in our teaching in order to reach the learning objectives. For example, group works involving students from both bachelor and master levels; visiting lectures from both leading academicians of their fields as well as start-up entrepreneurs and professionals from various expert position from industry; and new interactive teaching technologies are regularly used in the courses taught by Information Systems Science. 

The GITM program is hosted by the oldest academic city of Finland – the Royal Academy of Turku, the forefather of the University of Turku,  established as early as 1640. Nowadays, Turku hosts two universities and several polytechnics and it is one of the largest student cities in the country. Due to unique collaboration agreement among the universities, a student of the GITM program can participate in the courses organized by the other institutes of the city.

The city itself is a large and vivid campus of 35,000 higher education students. Due to the number of university students, there are a lot of activities offered for foreign students from the colorful autumn and snowy winter to the sunny spring and summer. 

Welcome to Turku and to the GITM program!

Post-doctoral researcher, Hongxiu Li

Post-doctoral researcher, Ph.D. Hongxiu Li
Information Systems Science
Department of Management and Entrepreneurship
Turku School of Economics