Should I bring my own device?

There are plenty of computer labs around the university, and you are free to use them at day-time. There are also printers and scanners available, and you will get certain amount of free prints. We still recommend you to bring your own computer with you, in order to be able to work at home too. Wireless internet connection is available at campus.

An electronic key of 15 € gives 24/7 access to the computer labs. You will get 10 € back after returning the key.

What is the language of instruction and what is required of me?

There are several programs and courses at the University of Turku where the language of instruction is English. Most exchange students participate in these programs.

The language of instruction in other programs is Finnish.

A good command of the language of instruction is required. You should enclose to your application a language certificate (Language Assessment Sheet) of the language you are going to study in. However, this is not required from native speakers.

In many courses, some previous knowledge of the subject is required.

Can I study the Finnish language while studying in Turku?

Yes, the University of Turku offers a wide range of Finnish Courses. See more information on Language Center. Turku School of Economics has separate Finnish courses for its exchange students.