Will I be entitled to student benefits?

Yes, if you are a international student, you can join the Student Union by paying a membership fee (voluntary for exchange students). After joining, you will be able to purchase Frank student card which entitles you to certain benefits. This includes e.g.

  • free basic health care
  • specially priced lunches at student cafeterias
  • discounts on local buses and long-distance transportation

How much money do I need, etc?

There are no tuition fees for exchange students and for most of the degree students in Finland.

Rent in the student housing (TYS) is about 200-300 €/month (for a single room of 18 m2 with shared kitchen 260 euros). Depending on the housing provider there may be an additional 60 € admission fee (paid only once) and deposit fee (250€ -500€). The deposit fee will be paid from the home country, and it will be returned to the student at the end of the exchange period.

Price of starting package is 65 € and includes a 50 € deposit which will be refunded if all the items are returned clean and in good condition.

Student cafeterias offer government-subsidized student lunches for €2.60, which usually includes the main dish, side salad, bread, water and a non-alcoholic drink (e.g. milk or juice). Students are expected to show a valid student card each time to get the student-priced lunch. Postgraduate students with a student card can only get a reduced priced lunch at Assarin ullakko.

Membership of the Student Union is approx. 90 €/Academic Year and 45 €/one Semester in 2012-2013. The membership fee of the Student Union is and obligatory for degree student but voluntary for exchange students. Nevertheless, it is recommended for all because of the excellent benefits.

Student card (Frank) costs approx.17 € and can be purchased only after paying the Student Union Membership fee.

Single bus ticket with free change right for two hours costs 2,50 euros. 30-day bus card costs 32 euros if you have student card, otherwise it’s 48 euros. Local bus connections are efficient and safe and it is an easy and economical way to get to your apartment or to the university campus area. (There are bus stops on Hämeenkatu across from the university main building). The local bus network covers also the Turku airport, harbour, railway station and bus station with frequent connections. Local buses run approximately at 6.00 - 23.00. There are also few night connections. The ticket for the night time busses is €1 more expensive.

Train ticket (with student card) from Turku to Helsinki costs 16–20 euros, without student card double price.

With 10€ you can get from supermarket for example:

  • Milk (1 liter) 1€
  • Ham (200g) 2,50€
  • Bread 2€
  • Rice (1kg) 2€
  • Eggs (10) 2,50€

University sports arranges instructed sports classes (e.g. Bike Interval, Functional Training, Nia-dance, Stretching, Zumba and many more). Fee for the whole Academic Year is 56 € and 40 € for one semester, fee also includes the use of gym.

Do I need a health/travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that all students take a private health insurance which is valid during their study period in Finland. Only with a proper health insurance can all the costs be covered if you become ill during you stay in Finland!

EU/EEA-citizens who have a European Health Insurance Card (or an equivalent E-128/E111 social security form) are entitled to municipal health care at the same prices as Finnish citizens. However, the health care is not free of charge

Students who come from the Nordic Countries can always receive the basic health care but for more extended care they should have the European Health Insurance Card.

Exchange students can join the Student Union and have the FSHS services (Finnish Student Health Services). Please note that these health care services are only available during the daytime and week days and do not cover emergency care.

More information about health care.