How can I find accommodation?

The University of Turku is not responsible for student accommodation. Students should apply for housing themselves by filling in the online application on the web page of the housing companies well in advance before arriving to Turku.

TYS, the Student Village Foundation of Turku offers accommodation also for international students. All full-time students of post-secondary schools in Turku or Rauma can apply for an apartment from TYS. When the right to study ends, also the right to tenancy ends. If necessary, TYS terminates the tenancy agreement. The right of tenancy can be extended after graduation, by appeal, with a maximum of one year. Other possibilities to find accommodation are private rental companies.

TYS rent includes electricity and water and there are no extra fees for a furnished room. Internet connection is also available at TYS apartments without extra fee. The amount of rent varies according to the type of accommodation.

Starting Package is available for exchange students. This package contains some useful household items such as plates, cups, curtains, pillow, blanket etc. (This service is optional and only for the members of the Student Union.)

Another option is to find an apartment on the open market. Private lessors publish their announcements on internet and magazines. On the open market rent usually does not include electricity, water nor internet connection. Both furnished and unfurnished apartments are available.