Inspiring learning experience

Sometimes listening to lecturers, or reading scientific books and articles, can be inspiring. But definitely, large part of inspiration comes from assignments where theories are applied, and from a possibility collaborate with practitioners. Most of our courses include assignments that are sometimes done personally but often also in groups. We use a lot of guest lecturers from industry, who explain the methods and practices used in their companies and often provide insights in the “true challenges” related to the topics. Increasing collaboration with companies is one of the main thrusts at the moment. We are actively looking at ways to increase master’s thesis assignments for international students. We are also evaluating alternative capstone courses, i.e. courses where groups of students with different educational background solve problems given by companies, within the universities in Turku to find interesting challenges for our students.

Real Client Projects

During the TJ24 Usability Testing course master’s students Paavo and Mikko tested a multiplayer online game by Supercell with 11 potential players. An experimental test method and many usability recommendations were acknowledged by the company, which today is one of the most successful mobile game developers in the world.

Master's Thesis for Companies

Master’s Programme students Shazad and Jari participated in a research project on mobile work in Finnish SMEs. The projectwas supported by TeliaSonera. According to Mika Hyötyläinen, Head of B2B Marketing at TeliaSonera, “There seems to be need for a deeper paradigmatic shift in general in development of SMEs towards more mobile ecosystems”. Shazad and Jari studied empirically the phenomenon, published their results in a book by TeliaSonera and finalized their master’s theses. More information available:

Arbab, S. & Korelin J. (2012) Making Work Mobile in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Master Theses. Work Informatics, University of Turku. 123 p., 16 appendix p. (see abstract)