Career Outlook

Because of the constant need for business savvy IT professionals in global job markets, our graduates find jobs easily. Our Finnish graduates have been extremely well received in the Finnish job market, with good starting salaries and high match between their education and professional career. For international students, finding a job in the Finnish job market is more challenging, but possible. However, many of our international graduates continue to European job markets and some of them also return to their own region.

Why upgrade your bachelor’s degree with an GITM master’s programme?

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, combining IS master’s with your prior skills in e.g. finance, marketing, management provides you with several unique career opportunities in the job market. Likewise, for bachelors in software engineering or computer science, a master’s degree in information systems can open up new career opportunities. The focus shifts from designing technologically advanced systems to managing IT projects and understanding the benefits of the new technology for users and processes.

The students will get the best benefit from the GITM programme if they have worked two to three years after graduating on bachelor level. This helps them to capitalize their background and studies by getting a job from Finnish or international companies.