GITM Faculty

Teaching in GITM program is based on scientific research on IT management. Our lecturers have a doctor of science degree. They can design their courses to incorporte latest scientific literature combined with experiences and results from their own research. Broad knowledge on scientific literature enables them to select relevant scientific books and research articles that are related to the learning outcomes assigned to the course. Through their own research projects, which in many cases involves close collaboration with industry and public sector organisations, they are able to include practical examples and to invite guest lecturers from companies.

Faculty profiles

Professor Hannu Salmela
Vice dean of Turku School of Economics
Information management, Inter-organizational networks, IT capability and agility
Program director, Teacher
Professor Jukka Heikkilä
Head of deparment
Work Informatics, IT for Business Networks, Business Modelling, Enterprise Architecture
Professor Reima Suomi
IT Governance, Inter-organizational information systems, Healthcare Information Systems
Senior lecturer Timo Leino
Responsible teacher of ISS
Management of IT Services, DSS, BI
Senior lecturer Antti Tuomisto
Work Informatics, development of work and information systems, special interest on SMEs, knowledge work and citizen-based e-health
Senior research fellow Jonna Järveläinen
eBusiness, eGoverment, IT continuity management
Senior research fellow Eija Koskivaara
Management of IT in public services, IT supported Physical Activity, Neural networks, IS research methods
Coordinator, Teacher
Post-doc researcher Kai Kimppa
IT and Ethics, Usability
Post-doc researcher Hongxiu Li
User behaviour, DSS, IT continuity, IS usage
Post-doc researcher Matti Mäntymäki
Technology adoption, social media, virtual worlds
Post-doc researcher Ville Harkke
Information systems value, usability, mobile systems, health care and public management systems