Tuition fees and Scholarships

Finnish educational system is based on a premise, that all education is free. Some of the international programs in Finnish universities have received special permission to collect tuition fees from non-EU students, but these are exceptions. Generally, universities don’t collect tuition fees from their students. Instead, the universities receive funding from the Finnish government that covers the expenses of providing the degree education. The amount that universities receive for each student compares well to the tuition fees of many prestitious universities abroad. Hence, lack of tuition fee should not be interpreted as a sign of lower quality in education. We strongly believe that we can also compete in the quality of our eduction that we offer - both for our Finnish and international students.

The only obligatory fee in the GITM program is the membership fee of the student union, which is approximately 100 euros per year. You will, of course, have to cover your own travelling and living expenses. For further information on this, please see the frequently asked questions –section. Possibilities to seek scholarship from Finland are limited, because the education itself is free. But you can naturally seek financial support for your studies from your home country or from the Erasmus programs of the European Community.