Two alternatives

When applying to the program, you can select between two alternative degrees: Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration or Master of Science. The possibility to choose between two degrees provides you with additional flexibility in designing your studies.

Master of Science

The Master of Science degree is a more general degree. Because the degree is not associated to Business and Economics, choice of this generic degree allows you a little more freedom in designing your studies within the program. You will have a chance to study subjects related to business and economics (e.g. international business or entrepreneurship) in this program, but you will also be able to include additional courses of information systems, or courses from other subjects. If your prior degree does not contain studies in business and economics, you might want to consider aiming at a more generic degree also in your master’s degree.

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

The M.Sc. (Economics and Business Administration) degree is more specific. It is a degree that is typically awarded by business schools. Many students prefer this degree, because they believe that employers appreciate this degree more than the generic degree. This degree indeed emphasizes the hybrid “business and IT” nature of the program and its graduates and perhaps thus distinguishes it better from more technically oriented IT degrees. Because the degree is in Economics and Business Administration, it limits your possibilities to study other subjects. If your prior degree contains only few courses in Economics and Business administration, you may have to take supplementary studies that exceed the 120 ECTS that you study in the program. Hence, in this case you might want to consider choosing the more generic degree.

NOTICE: With the same application, if you wish (you have to mark it in the application), you may apply for both degrees. We strongly recommend that you apply for both degrees. This might double your admission possibilities. Your background strongly effects which degree is most favorable for you. Please note also, that the degree is defined when you accept to enter the program. After that, you will not be able to change your degree.

In both degrees, the students plan their own studies with the help of faculty guidance. Once you are in the program, we are ready to support you in building the best solution for your studies.